Changing a baby’s clothes is one of the daily routines that you might want to rethink.
Why? Because it can help you save time and tears, and help your precious one finally enjoy dressing and undressing,
while at the same time help our planet save its resources.

No more pulling clothes over smart heads

With Swopper, it won’t matter whether you change your baby’s head or legs first – there’s simply more space and less irritation and distress.

We took a closer look at the classic, traditional design of baby clothes and realized – it is all about the space, as those holes where babies are supposed to put their heads through are simply too tight.
With Swopper now there is so much space for pulling clothes over the baby’s head or down over the baby’s shoulders.
You finally have choice when it comes to this simple, yet sometimes challenging task.

Replace only the swopper. Save precious time

Lunchtime? Milk time? Naptime?
It usually means changing time.
Every day, several times, month after month, year after year. Imagine how often you have to repeat the same routine repeatedly – undress, wash, dress, repeat.

The most tangible emotion and the most important connection is that one between parent and baby. Swopper’s innovative design is here to empower that closeness.
It is so simple yet effective. From unmatched cloudy softness to a unique, fully customized design that will make each parent-baby connection even more special.

Save water. Sustainable by design

What do babies and water have in common? They are so precious.
Don’t you think we use our washing machine too often, or have you gotten used to it and lost count of daily loads? Many parents say they do as many as two or three loads in one day! That is just too much – but here’s good news.
When you use Swoppers, you’ll most likely only wash them and not the whole outfits! That way, typical household can save some 4500 litters of water per year, and that’s amazing!

We all have a role to protect our planet for future generations. Olandino has designed out waste and is the only clothing brand which addresses sustainability throughout the complete product lifecycle and not only during its’ production. As a result, by using our products customers will eliminate the excess water, water and emissions.


It is estimated that millions of tons of textile pile up in landfills around the globe every year, and the environmental crisis caused by textile waste is devastating. Last year, more than 20 million tons of textile waste ended up in landfills, and textiles can take up to 200+ years to decompose. What a depressing fact – and most of that waste is created out of pure carelessness.
There was no chance our product would add to that terrible pile.
By using Swopper you will never have to buy bibs again.


To make a real statement, the hand embroidered Swopper, replaces the regular Swopper with bespoke customisation which is virtually limitless. For instance, the team at Olandino can create personalised embroidery for your Swopper, handstitched from any design you can find or dream. It can be perfectly matched and made for you only – manifesting your unique vision through timeless artisan craft.


Different Swoppers for your various occasions. All our styles are available in different colors with possibility to mix and match colors of any Swopper with any of the styles.
Inside one size, Swopper is made to be compatible with any of the styles. For example, 6 months size Swopper can fit on any of the 6 months size style.
With your new favorite Swopper you’ve got the freedom to choose, to combine, to create, and to enjoy. And to do all of that knowing that you did your part in preserving our planet’s ecosystems – you chose an environmentally responsible and ethical product produced by a transparent business.