Responsible sourcing brings organic onesies made of the softest GOTS-certified cotton, providing comfort to your baby.

The secret of a long-lasting design

Each piece of baby clothes we sell is made of pure GOTS-certified cotton. Our craftsmen make sure to twist every single cotton thread 1100 times, creating a long-lasting, high-density material that isn’t only gentle on your baby’s skin but also on the environment. Unlike other types of cotton, this one keeps its softness for a long time. It also provides both responsible sourcing and an all-time soothing sensation to your little one.

Gots-based Production Since Day One

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certificate is a game-changer in today’s fashion and textile industries. It helps customers see the difference between regular fabrics and premium-quality materials. In fact, it’s like a rulebook for making clothes that are as good for the Earth as they are for people.

Businesses that acquire this certificate confirm that the clothes coming from their production are made of the best organic materials. So, whether you have just started developing your eco-consciousness or you’re a seasoned environmentalist, you should know that Olandino adheres strictly to these standards. We never use harmful or suspicious chemicals that could have a negative impact on your baby’s health—and we never will. 

Every thread and every fabric chosen comply with the chemical limits proposed by GOTS, which means our garments will always remain the safest option for your child. This is official, as each piece of clothing that comes from our production adheres to European and international standards for children’s safety.

Moreover, GOTS doesn’t only advocate for responsible sourcing. It also ensures that everyone involved in all stages of production works under fair conditions and is treated well. Besides working in safe places, they actually get to earn a living wage instead of a minimal one. So, our consumers do not only support a good environmental cause—they also encourage human and decent work conditions for workers around the globe!

Environmentally friendly factories

With responsible sourcing come responsible, earth-friendly factories that stand behind all the magic Olandino delivers. 

We chose Lviv, the historic cultural center of Ukraine, as the epicenter and core of our production. Every day, hundreds of craftsmen work on creating the best-quality baby clothes, and we make sure they feel our gratitude. Rewarding them with solid working conditions and developing opportunities, we show our appreciation for their efforts.

Additionally, our factory is certified according to several quality standards (ISO 9001, 14001, and OHSAS 18001). This represents our promise to always deliver high-quality products without losing sight of the big cause we had on our minds when the entire Olandino story started.