About Olandino

Learning about Olandino and everything it has to offer allows you to connect with our causes and understand our mission.

About the Company

Born in Italy and shaped in the Netherlands, Olandino is a luxurious baby clothing brand inspired by the evolving eco-friendly, slow fashion initiative. 

The idea of creating an innovative solution such as Swopper came to life as a result of becoming aware of how difficult it was to navigate the changing routine for newborns.

Yes—parents were always free to choose soft materials, delightful patterns, and vibrant colors for their little ones. Yet, the design and the fundamental functionality of baby onesies seemed to be stuck in a bygone era. Regardless of how cute their outfit is, babies always get fussy as soon as they feel their onesies go over their heads or wrap around their little arms and legs. 

Besides that, there’s also an environmental concern. New parents spend thousands of liters of water on endless laundry sessions, having to change their babies’ clothes multiple times throughout the day. Additionally, throwing out the clothes their children outgrow increases the unceasing pile of textile waste, threatening to endanger the only planet we have.

Needless to say, all this was calling for a never-before-seen solution, and that’s how Olandino came to be. 

The best thing about Olandino is the harmonious fusion of great causes it supports. Besides providing premium-quality baby garments that guarantee more pleasant changing sessions, it also encourages fighting for a better future for the Earth. 

“Crafting our garments from 100% premium, natural materials and producing in limited quantities is our commitment to the Earth and the future we have on it. As parents, we create not just for today but for the future our children will inherit by integrating sustainability and earth-consciousness into every stitch. This way, we are shaping a legacy of care, quality, and love.” – Nevena Mijailović Kostira, founder of Olandino

Moreover, the concept of Swopper added a new layer of uniqueness and exclusivity to the entire line of clothes. Experimenting with diverse colors and patterns emphasized the beautiful diversity of personal expression through fashion, allowing both babies and parents to experience joy through unique styles. 

About the Founder

Nevena Mijailović Kostira, a seasoned architectural engineer, first came up with the idea of Swopper upon stepping into the world of parenthood in 2018. Little did she know that a simple concept in her mind would not only blossom into a game-changing baby clothing collection but also set her on an exciting journey to a successful cause. 

Interestingly enough, Nevena never planned on launching a baby clothing business. Everything started as an attempt to cope with the never-ending feed-take off-wash-repeat cycle every new parent gets to experience. Witnessing the distress her baby suffered during changing sessions came with its own set of challenges. So, she couldn’t help but wonder if there was anything she could do to prevent such a hassle. 

Realizing that these perpetual emotional rollercoasters upset both her and her little one, Nevena decided to use all her architectural superpowers to find the perfect solution. As an eternal art lover with a knack for problem-solving, she came up with a unique onesie design with a larger head opening, allowing for more comfortable changes. 

Needless to say, this was just the beginning; the idea further evolved as the new parents navigated through the teething stages and introducing solids. 

“The next question was: what if I could just replace the stained or wet parts of the clothing without actually changing the entire onesie? This would mean less laundry—which also means saving liters and liters of water. And, well, we would also say goodbye to non-functional bibs—we all know that babies can’t stand them anyway. All this meant a more harmonious daily rhythm for our family, and I knew I had to do something to bring this idea to life.” – Nevena Mijailović Kostira

And that was the moment the idea about Olandino and the brilliant Swopper was born.

Encouraged by friends and family, as well as other parents who were facing the issues they wanted to solve, Nevena and Nik launched Olandino in 2020. Since then, the brand has brought relief to many parents by offering comfortable, elegant, and high-quality clothes for babies all around the world. Yet, that’s not all; it also made a significant impact on the circular fashion industry and raised awareness about the importance of sustainability and slow fashion everywhere. 

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