Circular by Design

The baby clothes we make are circular by design. Return them to us, and we’ll recycle them and ensure they get a second life. 

Why producing clothes that are circular by design is important to us

Did you know that fabric leftovers make more than 92 tons of waste per year? 

But wait, it gets worse—statistics show that the fashion industry produces up to 100 billion brand-new garments all around the world in the meantime. 

Unsurprisingly, all the clothes we throw away end up in landfills, releasing toxic chemicals into our lands and rivers. Needless to say, the way this system works irreversibly harms our planet and everything (and everyone) on it.

Even while the Swopper was still just an idea in our minds, we decided to absolutely refuse to be part of that terrible pile that leads to the decay of the only living space we have.

Hoping to contribute to enhancing our children’s future, we dedicated all our efforts to creating sustainable clothes that will make a difference and minimize waste. Circular by design, these garments represent an ethical, guilt-free choice you’ll be happy to make.  

Embrace reusability and recyclability

At Olandino, we worked meticulously to create the concept of practical baby clothing that parents (and little ones) will love. However, usefulness wasn’t the only quality we had in mind. We also wanted to ensure our clothes don’t go to waste once their purpose is complete and pollute the Earth even more. 

This is why we came up with a return policy that allows you to bring the products back to us once your little ones can’t fit in them anymore. 

We’ll take these back and give them a new life by using the durable material they are made of as a basis for the new earth-friendly clothes that will remain circular by design. This way, we encourage a more mindful approach to fashion that could save us some years on the beautiful planet we live in.

Be 1% better

Since the beginning of our journey, we have aimed to bring a new meaning to eco-consciousness. For this reason, we decided to become the first clothing brand that actually incorporated sustainability in the entire product life cycle—not only in its production stages.

Yet, our cause didn’t stop there. Ever since we created our first onesie, Olandino has been a proud member of the global organization “1% for Planet.” This allowed us to join forces with thousands of businesses in order to support environmental solutions and pave the way to a greener future.

Hoping to accomplish this goal, we promised to donate 1% of gross sales in different forms for the cause the organization fights for. Making and selling quality garments that are timeless, adaptable, and circular by design allows us to contribute financially to the higher cause. What’s more, we set an example for future generations, inspiring them to keep advocating for a better tomorrow.